Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers of Sativa have observed brown water coming out of their faucets. While testing has found that there are no primary health or safety violations, there have been secondary violations related to the discoloration of the water and the presence of a metal called manganese. In addition, Sativa has been cited by State regulators for not providing the adequate water pressure required for firefighting. There are also concerns regarding Sativa’s ability to maintain its pipes and related infrastructure.

To ensure that customers of Sativa have access to safe and clean water, the State has passed a law that brings in the County to temporarily take over administration of Sativa until a new, long-term water provider is identified. In addition, the Local Agency Formation Commission of Los Angeles has started the formal process of dissolving Sativa.

The County will move quickly to begin rebuilding trust between the community and their water provider. The County will conduct a Rapid Assessment to review Sativa’s financial health and operational capabilities. At the end of the Assessment a report will be shared with the community at a community meeting during the week of November 12th.

Based on the results of the Rapid Assessment and feedback from the community, the County will then begin an In-Depth Analysis of Sativa. The findings of this In-Depth analysis will be shared with the Community at another community meeting in mid-December.

From there, the County will work with the community to begin to develop a plan to fix the problems at Sativa and ensure the delivery of safe and clean water.

One of the County’s highest priorities at Sativa will be rebuilding trust between the public and their water provider. Community engagement efforts are already underway to gather customers’ feedback and priorities. The County is also looking into forming a stakeholder advisory group to provide direct, ongoing feedback to the Interim Administrator. Additionally, the County will hold routine meetings to provide updates to the community on activities at Sativa. The first community meeting is planned for the week of November 12th.
The County does not plan to make any immediate changes to Sativa’s existing flat-water rate. If the County finds that Sativa’s pipes and wells need significant repair, the Interim Administrator will pursue grants and other sources of public funds as a potential means of covering those costs. If public funding is not available or is not adequate, the County will work closely with the community as next steps are determined.
As the Interim Administrator, the County will assess the condition of Sativa’s existing water facilities and identify improvements to deliver safe drinking water. Based on this assessment, the County will make critical operational changes and infrastructure improvements working closely with the State to ensure that water quality meets all regulatory standards.
The County will conduct a solicitation process to identify the best long-term provider and work with other regulatory entities to transition the water service over to an appropriate entity.
To request additional information, please contact the Sativa Customer Service Number, at (310)631-8176. After hours emergencies can be reported to Public Works 24-hour dispatch center at (800) 675-HELP (4357). All customer complaints will be promptly and thoroughly investigated. The goal is to meet all water quality standards.