Water Rates / Fee Schedule

Residential Water Rates
The District developed the water rate structure to encourage efficient use of water and discourage waste by providing users a water budget allocation suited to their specific needs.
Payments are due on the 1st of each month, it you have not received a bill by 10th of the month you may request a copy of your bill or pay without it. (A receipt will be given)

Please note on your check or money order the Account Number or Billing Address for which you are paying. (Make Check or Money Order Payable to Sativa Los Angeles County Water District)  All bills are the responsibility of the customer who signs for the service and remains their responsibility until our company is notified differently.


Late Charges are added the 22nd of each month. An $18.00 Late Charge will automatically be added to all unpaid balances on the 22nd of the month. If your bill and late charges are not pay by the 28th of the month your service is subject to disconnection on the 29th of each month.  A service fee of $28.00 is added to your account on the 29th.

If your service is disconnected you must pay entire bill, late fee, required deposit amount and reconnection fee. RECONNECTION MAY TAKE UP TO 24 HOURS. PROPER IDENTIFICATION REQUIRED.