Office Hours
We are open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. We are closed weekends and major holidays. Observed holidays are New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday following Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

How do I check for a leak?

Make sure there is no water in use anywhere on your property. Check your toilets, clothes washer, hoses and sprinklers outside. Once you have determined water is not being used, check the meter for any movement. If the meter leak indicator is moving, it indicates there is a leak somewhere on your property. You are responsible for any leaks on your property.

What portion of the water lines is the customer responsible for?
From the meter box to the lines that cover the customers property. The water lines on the customer's property are their responsibility, being the pipeline from the water line to your property line. 

What if I have an emergency after your business hours?


When is my bill due?

Bills are due on the 1st of each month, but customers have a 20 day grace period to pay in good standing. Last day to pay bill without a late fee is the 21st.  Payments after the 21st is considered late and will be assessed an $18.00 late fee. 
Exceptions - If the 21st falls on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, the last day to pay is the following business day. 

When is a late charge assessed to my account?

If we have not received your payment by the 21st of the month, you will be assessed an $18.00 late charge to your account. A "Past Due" bill will then be  mailed to you as a reminder to pay your bill by the 29th to avoid service disconnection.

When is a termination penalty assessed to my account?

If payment is not received by the 29th, water service is subject to termination and the account will be assessed a $75.00 Termination Penalty.
How do I submit a request for new water service or cancel service for my home or business?
You can make your requests by phone or in person. We require 24 hour advanced notice for all requests. *Please keep in mind we are closed weekends and holidays.

How do I file a customer complaint?

Customers can file a customer complaint by visiting our office and filling out a form in person, or submitting a detailed complaint to service@sativawd.com.
Why does my water look brown or muddy?
Brown water is due to high levels of Manganese, which accumulates in the iron pipes and mixes with sediment that is pulled from the ground when the well water is pumped. This chemical is not dangerous or hazardous. It is common in the Southern California region and creates a reacion with H2O to change the color of the water to "brown." Our solution is to open 3 water sources (kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower) and let the water run until it turns clear. 
Why does my water look Milky or Cloudy?  Water pump at the pumping station is pumping air, as well as water. Customers may mistake it for Chlorine, but do not be alarmed. It is only trapped air that will eventually rise and dissipate.