Account Information

Reading Your Statement
At first glance, understanding your monthly water bill can seem a challenging task for both new and existing Sativa Los Angeles County Water District customers.

Let's take a moment for a closer look at a typical statement so that you will have a better understanding of what each field on your water bill actually means to you.
  1. Account Name
  2. Service Address: The address the meter serves
  3. Account Number
  4. Previous Balance: Any amount owed from previous billing periods
  5. Current Charges: Total amount of charges from the current billing period as well as the date the bill becomes delinquent. Bills are due upon receipt.
  6. Total Due: The total account balance which includes any past due amounts.
  7. Name and Mailing Address on the Account
  8. Return Payment Stub: Return this portion of the bill with your payment for proper credit to your account
  9. Statement Number and Date: The statement number is used by the PWD for internal routing; the date is when the bill was generated
  10. Billing Period: The period of time you are being billed for

Effective: August 1, 2007 any household containing a Pool (of any size) will be charged a summer usage fee of $45.00. This charge will appear on your July Bill.


Effective: August 1, 2007 Waterslides are not permitted – any household containing a Waterslide will be charged $150.00 - $300.00. All unpaid fines will be legally prosecuted.  No Exception!

Please Note:

Customer found wasting water may be fined $ 100.00 and subject to disconnection. Use water wisely, especially during summer months. Wasting water causes increases to you water bill. KEEP IN MIND, WE ARE IN A DROUGHT.