Account Information

Reading Your Statement

We ask that you bring your statement when making a payment in person.
Monthly billing statements are mailed out the last week of each month with payment due starting the 1st of the following month. If you do not receive your statement by the 10th, you can request another be mailed out. 

*Please note: If you do not receive your monthly statement in the mail, it is still your responsibility to pay by the 21st of each month.          

The fields in your statement reflect the following: 
  1. Account Name: Name of the individual who opened the account. 
  2. Service Address: The address the meter box serves.
  3. Account Number: Number sequence assigned by the district to identify the account.
  4. Past Due Balance: Any amount owed from previous billing periods.
  5. Current Charges: Total amount of charges from the current billing period 
  6. Total Due: The total account balance which includes any past due amounts.
  7. Billing Address: Address the statement is sent to. May be different than the service address. 
  8. Return Payment Stub: Return this portion of the bill when mailing your payment. Must be included for payment to be processed.
  9. Statement Date: Reflects the billing month you are being charged for.